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If you’re at risk of losing your home because you’ve missed payments and have exhausted all other sources of help, the New York State Mortgage Assistance Program may be an option for you. -MAP provides a 0% interest mortgage loan up to $40,000 to eligible homeowners at risk of foreclosure. To see if you might be eligible for the New York State Mortgage Assistance Program, please fill out the following form so that we can connect you with a government-vetted non-profit housing counselor or legal services provider in your region. Who administers the program? The New York State Mortgage Assistance Program is administered by the Center for Neighborhoods, a non-profit organization that promotes and protects affordable homeownership. Loans are made by Sustainable Neighborhoods LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Center. To learn more about the Center for Neighborhoods, visit . You can also view our non-profit status here. Who is eligible? To be eligible, homeowners must have experienced a financial hardship and must demonstrate an ability to afford their housing payments after receiving assistance. There are other requirements a homeowner must also meet in order to be eligible, which the housing counselor or legal services provider we refer you to will explain in detail. What can loan funds be used for? Funds can be used to bring a mortgage current, help get a , pay off a mortgage or property tax arrears, or settle other debts that could lead to foreclosure.

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Date:2017-07-24 10:31

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